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Synthetic Golf Greens

Whether you are a professional golfer, an avid golf enthusiast or someone who simply wants that “green feel” to your home or office, synthetic golf greens are an excellent addition to almost any spot or landscape. First used in the 1960s by indoor sports arenas, synthetic golf greens have become one of the most popular and most visually stunning additions to the landscape scene – not to mention an excellent alternative to driving for miles just to practice your putt. Hiring a professional installer such as Atlas Tree and Landscaping will help you get the backyard putting area you’ve always wanted. Our team of specialized installers has serviced many areas in Ohio, namely: Mentor, Willoughby, Painesville, Eastlake, Wickliffe, Euclid, Cleveland, Chesterfield, Lakewood, and Strongsville. We urge you to contact us today to get more information about our synthetic putting greens and installation rates.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Synthetic golf greens let you practice your putt right at the comfort of your own home. Most modern synthetic greens are specially designed to re-create conditions of real golf courses with natural turf. This means that the way your ball rolls at home will be the same way it rolls during the Big Game. And with lots more time to practice and less time driving to a practice range, you are sure to nail that crucial shot. You can even gather your friends for a spur-of-the-moment putting party. And when your buddies do come, they are sure to be amazed by the professional and clean look of your putting lawn.

Moreover, synthetic golf greens are an excellent, eco-friendly addition to your backyard. Synthetic greens require no irrigation so you save on the water bill; it requires no lawn mowing or pruning and no fertilizer or pesticides to maintain, which means fewer hazards for your kids and your pets. All that is needed is to keep it free of waste materials and to sweep or blower it every few weeks. This means you will exert less time and effort in keeping your lawn clean. All synthetic greens are also safe for children to play on and they stay green all year-round.

Premium Quality Synthetic Golf Greens

Our installers at Atlas Tree and Landscaping only use top-quality synthetic golf greens. These greens allow the ball to stick and roll as it would on natural grass. You will be able to experience the same playing condition as with natural golf surfaces with less time, effort and resources spent in maintenance.  The brands that we use have anti-microbial properties and anti-UV resistance. They also last longer than the competitor’s products.

Quick but Accurate Installation

Although the installation of synthetic golf greens is a relatively simple process, the technique and design integration with your preferred specifications require considerable experience, training, and technical grass-laying expertise. As such, our experience and constant communication with you on your preferences will play key roles in the final outcome of your “mini golf course”.  With us, you can have your putting greens installed in no time with all your specifications.

Whether you want to elevate your game to the next level or simply add value to your property, our expertly installed synthetic golf greens are definitely a worthwhile, visually-stunning, and, most importantly, eco-friendly investment. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with any of our expert installers.