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At Atlas Tree and Landscaping, we use our more than two decades of experience to help clients achieve their dream outdoors. We specialize in providing low-cost professional landscaping services with proven positive results. Our crews handle every imaginable facet of landscape work, particularly in the design, maintenance, and installation of various landscape features and amenities. Contact us now at (440) 728-4879, and let us take care of all your landscape and property improvement needs.


We offer mulching services using either organic or inorganic mulch. We can supply any quantity and ensure correct application to provide the best results. With the right mulch, you can prevent soil compaction, weed growth, and lawn mower damage. The soil will also be much more conducive for the growth of your turf and plants so you’ll have a healthier landscape. Read More About Mulching >>

Weekly Mowing and Edging

Count on us to perform weekly mowing and edging no matter how small or expansive your lawn is. We have been tasked to do routine edging and mowing on many residential and commercial lawns across Ohio, so we’re truly well-versed in these tasks. We use the right tools and equipment when performing these tasks. Read More About Weekly Mowing & Edging >>

Re-Seeding and Conditioning

Call us if you need expert people to take care of your re-seeding and conditioning requirements. If your lawn already has brown patches or has pest infestation present, then we strongly recommend having these procedures done immediately. We use only top-notch seeds and lawn conditioning supplies, so you’re guaranteed of the best results possible. Read More About Re-Seeding >>

Ornamental Ponds & Waterfalls

With our ornamental ponds and waterfalls, your outdoors will transform from plain to extraordinary. We have a team of highly skilled crews who can work on your ideas and turn them into the finest-looking ponds and waterfalls that will definitely make your property a head turner. We also use the finest materials and supplies on your water features. Read More About Ponds & Waterfalls >>

Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

We’re known throughout our service areas for our reliable, fast, and reasonably priced Spring & Fall clean-ups. Whether it’s spring time or fall season, our skilled crews can ensure a spic and span lawn using the right tools and equipment. We will get rid of debris, dead leaves, and other unsightly materials like broken branches, stumps, and diseased tree limbs. Read More About Spring & Fall Clean-Ups >>

Paver Patios and Walkways

We can design and build world-class paver patios and walkways for any commercial or residential property. By using top-notch pavers, we can assure clients of sturdy and eye-catching walkways and patios. These paver amenities will make their outdoors more inviting and attractive. Read More About Pavers Patios >>

Outdoor Living

Allow our seasoned crews to build for you your desired outdoor living amenities like pool decks, outdoor kitchens, patios, gazebos, and sitting walls. We guarantee you that your preferred outdoor living features will be built according to your specifications and completed within the set deadline so you can enjoy their benefits at once. Read More About Outdoor Living >>

Retaining Walls

We can ensure safer and more attractive outdoors by installing retaining walls in strategic areas. Through our retaining walls, we can turn your previously idle lawn spots into visually appealing and functional areas. We use durable retaining wall blocks to ensure the structural integrity of your walls. Read More About Retaining Walls >>

Design and Installation

Trust us to handle all kinds of landscape design and installation tasks with guaranteed outstanding outcomes. We have completed and created a lot of great landscapes in residential, commercial, and even public landscapes in many Ohio communities. With us, getting your dream landscape is just one phone call away. Read More About Design & Installation >>

Pressure Washing

We also offer affordable paver cleaning through our offered pressure washing service. We have complete and modern tools so we can perform even the toughest pressure washing jobs. When we’re done, you’ll surely be amazed at how squeaky clean your different paved surfaces are. Read More About Pressure Washing >>

Synthetic Golf Greens

Our company is likewise known for our premium-quality golf greens, specifically our synthetic golf greens installation. We have ready sources of top-quality artificial golf greens, and we have a dedicated team of installers to ensure fast and proper installation. So practice those putting skills soon by having us install your very own mini golf spot. Read More About Golf Greens >>

Gutter Guard Installation and Cleaning

We can offer you quality installation of premium gutter guards, as well as professional gutter cleaning services at a low cost. Our people have already completed countless gutter guard installation and cleaning tasks for clients across the state, and they can definitely do the same for you. Just let us know when your preferred installation or cleaning schedule is and we’ll gladly accommodate you. Read More About Gutter Guards >>


We design and build the most popular types of fences including wood, vinyl, chain link, and ornamental aluminum fences. Your fence plays a versatile role in your landscape, offering privacy, security, and making your outdoors a more beautiful place. Fence designing and installation are part of our landscaping solutions and we can offer it as an independent or integrated service. Our fence experts can design and install wooden fences that add a touch and feel of organic and natural materials to your landscape. From picket fences to vertical boards, we work with all types of wood fences. Our chain link fences offer benefits such as affordability, durability, and low-maintenance ownership. Our ornamental aluminum fences can be designed to any style and design option. Read More About Fences >>

Tree Services

Trees add life to a landscape and need special care to maintain their beauty and health. We offer a wide range of tree care services to give your trees and landscape a more manicured look and to enhance the life of your trees. This includes tree pruning, trimming, deadwood removal and thinning, fertilization, and herbicide treatment. If you have tree stumps on your property, we can also remove them. Regular tree care services can help prevent any potential hazards from overgrown trees, or diseased and dead limbs. Controlling overgrown canopies over your property can also help reduce the leaf and debris falling on your home. Read More About Tree Services >>

Excavator & Bobcat Services

There are many jobs that are beyond the scope of a standard landscaping company. We are much more than a full-service landscaping company, as we also provide excavator and bobcat services. If your projects require moving earth, our excavation team can evaluate the site and create an excavation plan. Our experience in providing landscaping solutions provides us with unique insights when providing excavation and bobcat services. Our services are repeatedly called upon for grading, site clearing, soil removal or compacting, and for building features such as drainage ditches, water features, French drains, driveways, patios, walkways, parking lots, and much more. Read More About Excavator & Bobcat Services >>