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Ornamental Ponds & Waterfalls

Water has soothing, therapeutic properties that promote better health and well-being. Watching and listening to water flowing are often used to aid healing processes and calm the senses during meditation. Having a water feature installed in your backyard, like a simple waterfall or pond, allows you to enjoy these benefits at the comfort of your own home. Moreover, water features are stunning additions to your landscape. They create small ecosystems where different animals and plants can thrive. These features also clean and add moisture to the air, providing a cool environment where you and your family can relax and unwind.

There are many types and designs of water features to choose from. In order to determine the right installation for your home, look for a highly skilled water feature builder within your area. Atlas Tree and Landscaping has extensive experience in designing and building ornamental ponds and waterfalls for clients all over Ohio. Our gorgeous installations can be found in the areas of Mentor, Willoughby, Painesville, Eastlake, Wickliffe, Euclid, Cleveland, Chesterfield, Lakewood, and Strongsville.  Contact us today.

Well-designed Ornamental Ponds & Waterfalls

At Atlas Tree and Landscaping, we design your ornamental ponds and waterfalls according to your personal style and preferences. We incorporate your purpose of installing the feature and other important details in choosing the right design elements. Our team of experts can handle all your design needs from in ground to above ground ponds of varying sizes and shapes. The effects of environmental elements like sunlight and changes in temperature are considered to create a balanced ecosystem in the pond. We determine the proper dimensions of the waterfall to get the best view and sound possible. Whether you go for a rock waterfall, tiered waterfall, pond waterfall, or sheet waterfall, we can match your distinct taste with our broad portfolio of waterfall designs.

Professional Installation of Water Features

An impeccable water feature design won’t come to life without proper installation. The installation process requires creativity and technical know-how that only seasoned and professionally trained contractors can provide. The quality of the materials used will determine how the installation will stand the test of time and harmful external elements. High-quality waterproof edging and liner materials will prevent the pond from leaking while equipment for maintenance such as pumps and filters will ensure good water condition. Aquatic plants and animals should be added to the pond according to the role they play in the ecosystem to create a balanced living environment for all organisms. We sourced them from trusted nurseries to make sure that they are healthy and won’t contaminate the pond with any possible disease. Our water features aim to resemble the appearance of nature. This look can be recreated with our carefully installed backyard ornamental ponds and waterfalls. The majority of materials we use include natural stones like pebbles, gravel, river rock, and boulders. These stones are strategically placed on top of each other or around the edges to form an organic and pleasing attraction.

For your ornamental ponds and waterfalls needs, visit us at Atlas Tree and Landscaping or call (440) 728-4879 to schedule an appointment with any of our expert designers and installers.