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Atlas Tree and Landscaping offers a wide range of landscape services to residential and commercial property owners in Mentor, OH and surrounding areas. Among our specialties is professional landscape care and maintenance. We understand that every type of landscape requires customized care for it to become lush, clean, and beautiful. This is the reason why we are extra careful when working on a landscape maintenance project. We also make sure that our maintenance program will address all the issues and needs of your landscape. We don't just mow your lawn or apply fertilizers. Instead, we create a custom maintenance plan that provides outstanding results. We also perform other related tasks such as mulching to give your plantings their much needed protection and nutrients, as well as aesthetic lift.

Please call us at (440) 728-4879 and let us discuss your mulch requirements. You will not only get premium quality mulches but also topnotch installation service. In addition, our mulching service is offered at a client-friendly rate for local clients.

Proper Mulch Application

At Atlas Tree and Landscaping, we only send properly trained people to perform mulching jobs on clients’ properties. They will follow the right application techniques to ensure complete coverage of the target areas. Our people are knowledgeable of the characteristics and particular function of each type of mulch, so you are assured that it is applied correctly and efficiently. With us, you will be able to avoid the usual problems of most DIY homeowners. Property owners usually install mulches the wrong way, making these materials ineffective in providing protection or additional nutrients. They may also choose the wrong type for their plantings. Please take note that the volume or thickness of the applied mulches can affect the health and proper growth of your plantings.  

Types of Mulches We Recommend

There are several types of mulches that we can use on your landscaping. We may use organic or inorganic mulches, depending on your objectives and landscape’s needs. However, not all of them can offer efficient protection, provide the necessary nutrients to your plants, or give the aesthetic effects that you want to achieve for the garden area. The cost of mulching may also affect your choice. If you are a budget conscious individual, your tendency is to apply the mulches in a DIY way. But most homeowners from Mentor, Willoughby, Painesville, Eastlake, Wickliffe, Euclid, and Cleveland were not successful when adopting this method. It is still best to rely on professional landscapers like us at Atlas Tree and Landscaping.

We can deliver and install any of these mulches:

  • Wood chips
  • Shredded bark
  • Compost
  • Rocks and pebbles

Installation of Premium Quality Mulches

With our years of experience maintaining large landscapes in Ohio, we have already tried and tested countless landscaping products and supplies. When it comes to mulches, we only recommend those brands that pass our quality standards. The premium quality mulches that we use and install on your landscape come from our reliable and trusted suppliers. Our ready access to these landscape materials allows us to handle large mulching projects anywhere in Mentor and surrounding areas.

For your mulching requirements and other landscape maintenance concerns, please contact us now at (440) 728-4879.